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Joint Vibration Analysis

Joint Vibration Analysis, Advanced Technology, Laraway Family DentistryJOINT VIBRATION ANALYSIS

Laraway Family Dentistry works with BioRESEARCH to bring you fast and accurate screening of the TMJs (Temporomandibular joints) with help of the JVA.

Our Joint Vibration Analysis device (or “JVA”) is a specialized device used to take recordings of the vibrations occurring within the temporomandibular joints during opening and closing movements.

The JVA is a simple 2-minute non-invasive test where headphone-like sensors are placed on both jaw joints and the patient is instructed to open and close a few times.

TMJ Detection

See how the Joint Vibration Analysis helps Drs. Joanna and Michael Laraway and the team detect for TM Joint dysfunction.