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Holistic Dentistry

Your oral health does not operate independently from the rest of your body, so why do dentists treat oral health without considering overall health? At Laraway Family Dentistry, we believe in biological, or holistic, dentistry. Our mission is to use modern technology and techniques to treat oral health with considerations for the entire body in the least toxic and safest way possible. Biological dentistry is not an individual specialty, but rather a philosophy adopted by dentists committed to caring for their patient’s whole body, not just their oral health.  

What is Biocompatibility?

Simply, biocompatibility refers to how well a foreign object reacts with living organisms, for example, tissues in the body. When one receives a prosthetic, such as a dental filling or dental implant, then there is a risk that there will be low biocompatibility and the body will reject the prosthetic. At Laraway Family Dentistry in the Woodlands, Texas, we solely promote prosthetics and procedures with high biocompatibility that do not create adverse immunological responses or toxicity. Our dentists have special training to safely remove products that can be toxic or spark immunological responses.

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Reducing Pathogens

Pathogens, or disease-causing bacteria, in your teeth and mouth, can spread throughout your body via your bloodstream and cause damage. When looking for a Holistic Dentist, in The Woodlands, Texas, look for someone like us. We use the least invasive and least toxic treatment method to remove these pathogens during periodontal therapy. This can be done through home care, nutritional support, anti-microbial medications, ozone treatment, and laser treatment.

Another way that Laraway Family Dentistry promotes holistic dentistry is by supporting new research and dental techniques designed to remove and kill pathogens on dental equipment, especially during root canal procedures. Additionally, the Laraway dental team monitor extraction sites to ensure proper healing. Previously healed extraction sites may have never healed and may be collecting dead bone and pathogens that deposit toxic waste throughout your body. This can lead to pain in your jaw, head, and other parts of your body.

The Good News - Holistic Dentistry

Today, a rising appreciation for biological dentistry has made treating patients holistically with the most biocompatible and least toxic materials, easier! At Laraway Family Dentistry, we pride ourselves on a loving, compassionate, family environment that considers the whole person. We would love to see you at our office in The Woodlands, Texas!

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